National Institute of Public Health

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Lot #2, St. 289

Boeung Kok 2 commnue, Toul Kork district

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Chhea Chhorvann - Director

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Institute Profile

The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) is a research Institute and part of the Ministry of Health in Cambodia, working closely with other Institutions and centers as well as with the provincial directories. Key activities cambodiainclude providing targeted public health training to key health personnel; analyzing health-related problems; assisting in developing interventions through decision-linked operational research; and supporting implementation of health care system reform through training and research in linked provinces. Institute staff provide policy makers with sound scientific evidence on which to base policies and decisions. The National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) provides clinical laboratory services, regional quality assessment, epidemiology research services, and acts as the national reference laboratory. It also provides specific support for training, research, quality control, and development of standards.

With 80 employees, NIPH is focused on laboratory services, regional quality assessment, research and training in communicable diseases. The institute recently started research projects related to health behavior and healthcambodia services.

Infectious disease such as HIV/AIDS, TB, gastric and respiratory illnesses are the main health problems in Cambodia, but the prevalence of noncommunicable disease is increasing in the country. Child and maternal mortality are high especially in the provincial regions where access to health services is limited. A pilot project on the impact of vouchers for improving maternal and child health is currently ongoing in three provinces.

Health services are organized in a three-tier model in Cambodia. The primary care level is organized through health centres in communities, then more advanced care is provided in referral hospitals, and eventually in national hospitals. As the infrastructure of the country is challenging in some areas, not all Cambodians have equal access to health services, and there is a need for more health professionals to be trained to operate in district level. NIPH is responding to this demand through its School of Public Health. With initial funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, the school began its first training program in 2007 and currently has some 100 students enrolled, mostly for weekend studies as many are practicing health professionals.

NIPH has many international cooperation partnerships, both for funding and resources, and knowledge sharing, including the Rockefeller Foundation, WHO and US CDC.

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Cambodia Facts




181,035 sq km


$12.9 billion




  • Tuberculous
  • Diarrheal Diseases
  • Perinatal Conditions
  • Lower Respiratory Infections


43 deaths/1,000 live births


Male: 57
Female: 65


Source: WHO, World Bank, CDC