Croatian Institute for Public Health

(Hrvatski Zavod Za Javno Zdravstvo)

Tel: +385 (0) 1 4863 222
National Institute of Public Health

Rockefellerova 7
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Asst. Prof. Krunoslav Capak, MD, PhD – Director


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Institute Profile

The Croatian Institute for Public Health (CIPH) is the central public health institute of the Republic of Croatia. Founded in 1893 with the aim of promoting health and welfare of the population, CIPH now has a staff of 233 employees. The Institute focuses on public health promotion and education, disease prevention, microbiology, environmental health, school medicine, mental health care, and addiction prevention. Among its primary activities are planning, promoting, and implementing measures for the enhancement of population health and reduction of health problems, as well as developing and implementing prevention programs, including immunizations. CIPH also carries out epidemiological surveillance and proposes, organizes, and undertakes preventive and counter epidemic measures. Additionally, CIPH performs conducts analysis and evaluation of water safety and the impact of environmental factors on human health in Croatia. The Institute functions as a statistical authority which maintains national public health registries, supervises data storage, and coordinates the work of other health registries. In addition to its commitment national public health, CIPH also coordinates the network of regional public health institutes, actively participates in the creation of health policy and public health regulations, and engages in international co-operation for the purposes of improving public health and welfare.


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