Palestinian National Institute of Public Health
(المعهد الوطني للصحة العامة)

Tel: 02-296 6842/7
Fax: 02-296 6852

Qaddoura St, Ramallah, Palestine

Located in the Ministry of Health Building, 1st Floor
P.O. Box: 54812


Rand Salman -  Director


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Institute Profile

Recent work of the PNIPH includes a study examining the performance of the national mammography screening programs in the West Bank and Gaza strip. As a result of the study, a national mammography screening registry was established. The Major focus of the institute is to support the utilization of information in health policy making by strengthening the national surveillance and registry, conducting research and assessments, and improving health information systems. The core values of the institute are to be Collaborative, Community-oriented, and Credible.

The main goal of the institute in the coming year is to become a viable and sustainable body, and to achieve the following technical projects: 

  1. To lay the foundations of the Human Resources for Health Observatory. 
  2. To implement and improve registries, such as: the harmonized Reproductive Health Registry, the national death registry, the Road Traffic Accidents Registry, the health facilities' database and the Trauma Registry.
  3. To conduct a study about the prevalence of malnutrition and parasitic infections among children in Jordan Valley Area.

The Major Departments of the Institute:

  1. Surveillance and Registry.
  2. Research and Assessments
  3. Health Information Systems
  4. Public Relations and Communications
  5. Administration


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