Public Health Institute

(معهد الصحة العامة)

Tel: +249-183-403-211

National Ministry of Health
P.O. Box 9099
Khartoum, Sahafa, Sudan

Dr. Abdelgadir Ali Bashir - Director


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Institute Profile

The Sudanese Public Health Institute, established in 2009, has 25 full-time employees and more than 50 part-time employees and associates and includes a training department, research department and consultancy department. The institute is a specialized entity that provides various services in different areas and it is contributing to the development of health services within and outside Sudan. The institute carrying out many activities that aimed to achieve the following: Carrying out different education programs (short and long term) in various areas, and awarding certificates to those whom have studied in the Institute in these areas. Develop and conduct operational researches and scientific studies in different areas of public health in order to strengthen the scientific researches context in the health field. Supporting the evidence based decision-making process; by providing technical and expert opinion that contributes to the effective implementation of health policies adopted by the Ministry of Health. PHI has a number of various initiatives that aiming to bring the attention to the health professionals as the real basis of the support for health systems. Our beliefs rely on that; the real investment should focus on human resources for health as a cornerstone in the provision of public health services.

• The institute is currently producing postgraduate students that fulfilling the critical needs for public health specialists in different areas. This includes Public Health, Disaster Management, Hospital Management and Health System Management. PHI has long term mission to produce quality critical mass of this specialists that consider the equitable distribution in the country.

• PHI in the last period become the house of health system research in the country, our main objective in this regard is to institutionalize this kind of research and to utilize the resources available in this area in best way. The institute succeeds to build its own capacity in terms of knowledge, HR and experience with valuable commitment from health sector leaders to support this component.

• PHI is currently acting as a think tank that providing technical advice in order to assist the policy makers in the Ministry of Health in Sudan and beyond in the region in developing evidence-based policy options and an outline design of reform interventions. This was translated in broad range of technical areas in which PHI offer its expertise services. This is inclusively will done with high commitment towards the development of smart and client-oriented public health solutions.


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Sudan Facts




2,505,813 sq km


$55.1 billion




- Coronary Heart Disease
- Stroke
- Influenza and Pneumonia
- Hypertension
- Diarrheal Disease


66 deaths/1,000 live births


Male: 59 
Female: 59


Source: WHO, World Bank, World Health Rankings