2009 News Archives

Calling for Proposals for Seed Grant and Short-Term Assistance

IANPHI is calling for proposals for seed grants for research and short-term program grants for assistance, training, or expert consultations. »

Idigbe HonoredOni Idigbe Honored for Service to IANPHI 

Long-time IANPHI supporter Oni Idigbe is the first recipient of IANPHI’s Exceptional Service Award. »

worldIANPHI Adds Four New Member Institutes on Frontlines Against Disease and Outbreaks 

Four institutes have been accepted to membership in IANPHI, bringing the organization’s total to 67 and representing more than 60% of the world's population. »

H1N1 virusWorld's CDCs Strengthening Global Defense to H1N1 Virus 

Unlike previous outbreaks - such as SARS, mad cow disease, and the flu pandemic of 1918 that took millions of lives - new and more robust national public health institutes have helped their own countries and countries around the world deal with the swine flu crisis with unprecedented global coordination and efficiency.  »

Guinea-BisseauWith IANPHI Support, Guinea-Bissau Launches National Institute

A team in Guinea-Bissau is working with public health experts from Brazil’s Fiocruz and IANPHI’s Secretariat to combine much of their current capacity into an NPHI and position the new institute as a model for other low-resource nations. »


MentorIANPHI Selects Mentor-Mentee Pairs to Foster Professional Growth 

The International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI)—based jointly at Emory University and Finland's National Institute for Health and Welfare — has selected three “mentor-mentee” pairs to inaugurate its new Mentorship Program.  »

New grants strengthen public health in eight countries

IANPHI is investing more than $400,000 to address pressing public health concerns—from typhoid fever in Bangladesh to rabies in Peru. »

IANPHI Approves New Members 

Four institutes were approved as members of IANPHI during the organizations Annual Meeting this week in Johannesburg, South Africa. That brings IANPHI’s membership to 68, representing more than 60 percent of the nations in the world. »

Francois RollinThree Mentor-Mentee Pairs Foster Professional Growth 

Experienced Nigerian and U.S. public health leaders are communicating regularly via email and monthly conference calls with promising NPHI leaders in Bangladesh, Guinea-Bissau, and Tanzania. The goal is to provide the mentees with public health tools, training, and support. »

WHO Collaborating Centers 

WHO has been engaged with the International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI) since 2005 to establish a set of collaborative partnership activities directed towards the mutual goal of strengthening public health capacity, both nationally and globally. To date, 18 IANPHI members also function as WHO collaborating centers, further reinforcing the relationship between WHO and IANPHI. »