2010 News Archives

Deadline for Proposals for Seed Grants and Research Grants is Dec. 1, 2010; Download Forms to Apply.

IANPHI is calling for proposals for seed grants for research and short-term program grants for assistance, training, or expert consultations. »

IANPHI welcomes 11 new members during 2010 Annual Meeting in the United States

IANPHI's membership has almost doubled since it was founded in 2006, and now totals 76 institutes in 72 countries on four continents. »

New Membership Fees, Donations Will Help Sustain IANPHI’s Future

To promote sustainability and strengthen the finances of IANPHI, members in November approved the introduction of fees for membership to the association and created the IANPHI Foundation to manage those fees as well as funds from other sources. »

IANPHI Executive Board Adds New Directors

The IANPHI Executive Board provides policy oversight for the organization. The board now numbers 11 members, each representing a different region of the world. »

Saving more lives at a lower cost. Lancet.

Lancet article by CDC Director Thomas Frieden and IANPHI President Jeffrey Koplan calls for stronger national public health institutes for global health. »

Cholera outbreakNPHIs In Action: NIMR Responding to Cholera Epidemic

In response to the most deadly and widespread cholera epidemic in 20 years, the Nigeria Institute for Medical Research is providing humanitarian services and seeking to identify the source, cause, and course of the infection. »

Hassar awardMohammed Hassar receives the 2010 IANPHI Outstanding Service Award

Mohammed Hassar, director of the Pasteur Institute of Morocco, received the 2010 IANPHI Outstanding Service Award from IANPHI President Jeffrey Koplan. »

Cholera Cholera in the Time of Disaster

Scott Dowell, director of the CDC’s division of global disease detection and emergency response, updated attendees about goings-on in Haiti since the massive January 12 earthquake and the recent outbreak of cholera. »

IANPHI Secretary-General resigns to concentrate on NCDs and injury prevention and control in Mongolia

IANPHI bids farewell to Secretary-General Pekka Jousilahti, who has resigned his position as of the end of August. »

Teija KulmalaDr. Teija Kulmala of Finland is new secretary general of IANPHI.

She is a physician with broad experience in international research and development collaborations. »

Jim Hughes

IANPHI Senior Adviser Elected President of Infectious Diseases Society of America

James M. Hughes, MD, is IANPHI's senior scientific advisor for infectious diseases, professor of medicine in the Emory University School of Medicine and professor of global health in Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health. »

Chronic Diseases Require Global Solutions. New England Journal of Medicine.

Policymakers should increase their sense of urgency to stop the global spread of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes that threaten the health and economies of industrialized and developing nations alike, Emory University global health researchers say. »

EU MeetingEuropean NPHI Directors Ponder EU’s Role in Global Public Health

Nearly 40 participants from European IANPHI member institutes, partner organizations, ECDC, and the European Commission gathered in Brussels to discuss NPHI experiences in managing public health crises such as last year’s influenza pandemic, impact of the economic downturn on the work of national public health laboratories, communications using new media, and patient safety in the context of health care-acquired infections. »

IANPHI Names 2010 Mentor - Mentee Pairs

In an ongoing effort to build human capacity and provide a career path for pubic health professionals, IANPHI announced in May two new mentor-mentee pairs in the IANPHI Mentorship Program. »

Butler AwardVolunteer Architect Feted for Mozambique Work

Scott Butler led a group of volunteer architects and planners who planned and designed the new Mozambique NIH. »


WHO Director Advocating for NPHI Creation As Way to Develop Sustainable Public Health Systems

WHO Director-General Margaret Chan is joining IANPHI in encouraging governments to consider NPHIs as a way to develop sustainable public health systems. »

WHO Signs Agreement with IANPHI

IANPHI and the World Health Organization (WHO) have formalized their partnership in a Letter of Exchange signed by IANPHI President Jeff Koplan and Tim Evans. »

Lima Conference Creates New South American Network

Public health decision makers from nine countries and several representatives from high level regional institutions have begun outlining a plan to create a South American Network of National Institutes of Health. »

Annual Meeting2010 IANPHI Annual Meeting Links Science in Action

As public health leaders from nearly 50 countries gathered in early November, they had a common goal: strengthening individual public health institutes and establishing partnerships to significantly reduce death and disease globally. »

Malawi Taking Steps to Create NPHI

A multidisciplinary task force representing key stakeholders from the Malawian government, the donor community, and IANPHI is outlining the key functions of a proposed national public health institute. »

IANPHI 2010 Business Meeting

During the business session of the 2010 IANPHI Annual Meeting in Atlanta, IANPHI members will vote on the inclusion of new members and associate members, discuss a proposed membership fee, and elect new members of the Executive Board. The business meeting will be on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. »

IANPHI Proposes Membership Fee

For the first time in its four-year history, IANPHI is proposing a fee for membership to IANPHI, most of which will cover the cost of the annual meeting beginning in 2012. »

South Africa Prepares for Influenza Season with New Healthcare Workers Handbook

South Africa's National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) Viral Watch and SARI surveillance programs recently detected a number of cases of influenza A (H3N2), A (H1N1), and B. »

IANPHI awards seven new grants to five member institutes

IANPHI has approved more than $276,000 (USD) in funding for new research seed grants and short-term projects designed to strengthen public health research, public health systems, and evidence-based decision-making in five member institutes. »

Rodrigues Selected for ICEID Leaders Program

Amabelia Rodrigues, president of Guinea-Bissau's INASA, an IANPHI member institute, has been chosen to attend the 2010 International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases (ICEID) in Atlanta as part of its 2010 Leaders Program sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. »

BlountStephen Blount Helping Lead Efforts to Rebuild Haiti Public Health System

Long-time IANPHI supporter Stephen Blount is named U.S. CDC's associate director for health development. »

Marc Sprenger to Head the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has nominated Marc Sprenger to become its new director. Dr. Sprenger is currently director-general (CEO) of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) in Bilthoven, the Netherlands. »

Public Health in an Interdependent World: Cash, Commodities, Capacities and Conspiracies - Lecture by WHO Director General Margaret Chan

The 8th Annual Jeffrey P. Koplan Global Leadership in Public Health Lecture. »

U.S. CDC Names Dr. Kevin M. De Cock New Director of the Center for Global Health

Click here for a mini bio and information about the Center for Global Health. »

South Africa Prepares for Influenza Season with New Healthcare Workers Handbook

South Africa's National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) Viral Watch and SARI surveillance programs recently detected a number of cases of influenza A (H3N2), A (H1N1), and B. »

Dozen Countries Will Be Represented at Lima NPHI Summit

UNASUR aims to establish a South American national public health network. »

International Swine Flu Conference to Address Continuing H1N1 Pandemic

UK will host conference March 10-12. »

Promoting Public Health Research in Peru

Patricia Garcia, former chief of Peru's National Health Institutes, encourages local and global public health collaborations. See Lancet article. »