EB Proposes Five New Members for Policy-Making Board

The IANPHI Executive Board is proposing a slate of five new members for IANPHI's policy-making board. The full membership of IANPHI will vote on the slate during IANPHI's General Assembly, September 25 at the 2011 Annual Meeting in Helsinki. 

Approved by the EB in August is the following slate:

David Butler Jones, Canada (Public Health Agency of Canada)
Reinhard Burger, Germany (Robert Koch Institute)
Rajae El Aouad, Morocco (National Institute of Hygiene)
Mwele Ntuli Malecela, Tanzania (National Institute for Medical Research)
Justin McCracken, UK (Health Protection Agency)

IANPHI is grateful to these retiring members of the EB and thanks them for their tireless energy and dedication to strengthening and linking the world's public health institutes: 

* Mohammed Hasssar, Morocco (Pasteur Institute)
* Tsehaynesh Messele, Ethiopia (Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Institute)
* Pathom Sawanpanyalert, Thailand (National Institute of Health)
* Geir Stene-Larsen, Norway (Norweigian Institute of Public Health)
* Jane Wilde, Ireland (Institute of Public Health)

During the August 9, 2011 teleconference meeting, the EB also recommended IANPHI membership for Ecuador's National Institute of Hygiene Leopoldo Izqiueta Perez and India's National Center for Disease Control. 

The IANPHI Executive Board provides policy oversight from respected leaders of national public health institutes from around the world.  Learn more about current and emeritus members of the Executive Board.

IANPHI's Executive Board members share a belief in the importance of building broader and deeper public health capacity and infrastructure globally through strong and connected national public health institutes. View the 2011 Executive Board minutes