Dues Increase Will Help Sustain IANPHI's Future

(October 2011) With the addition of four new institutes to its growing roster, IANPHI’s membership now numbers 79 institutes from 74 countries. During the 2011 Annual Meeting in Helsinki, Finland, IANPHI's members approved the applications for membership or associate membership from institutes in Nigeria, Ecuador, and India. 

Since its founding in 2006, IANPHI has more than doubled its membership. IANPHI members represent Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Together, the 80 IANPHI institutes represent almost 5.5 billion people or 79% of the world’s population .

Three institutes were approved for full membership: 

Nigeria’s Centre for Disease Control
India’s National Centre for Disease Control 
Ecuador’s National Institute for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

In addition, Nigeria’s National Primary Health Care Development Agency will be an associate member of IANPHI. 

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