IANPHI-Helsinki Seeking Funding Consultant

The International Association for National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI) is an umbrella organization currently with 79 member institutes in 74 countries all over the world. The association's Helsinki office is located at the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Finland.

IANPHI aims to support and develop the activities and functions of its member institutes by contributing to communication and networking among the institutes, by creating collaboration opportunities, and by advancing public health development in low-resource countries through scientific, technical, and practical support.

IANPHI is seeking the assistance of a junior or senior-level professional to achieve its aim of diversifying funding sources and building sustainability of the organization. The focus will be on Europe and especially on funding provided by the European Union and the European Commission.

This fundraising assignment will take place between March and September 2012. The consultant should assess time inputs required and detail these in the proposal. For more information on the assignment and its tasks, please visit the Terms of Reference page or contact IANPHI Secretary General Dr. Teija Kulmala at ianphi@thl.fi.

For the performance of the duties enumerated under the Terms of Reference, the consultant will be paid a lump sum fee. Payment terms and other conditions related to billing are defined along with the drawing up of the contract.
Applications for the position should be addressed to Secretary General Dr. Teija Kulmala at ianphi@thl.fi and must be received by IANPHI by February 29, 2012.