Annual Meeting 2014

  • Reforming Public Health Systems & the Role of NPHIs  - Speakers: Pekka Puska (Finland), Sameen Siddiqui (WHO/EMRO), Abderrahmane Maaroufi (Morocco), Ivan Erzen (Slovenia), Johan Carlson (Sweden) Chairs: Abdelali Alaoui-Belghiti (Morocco), Mauricio Hernandez (Mexico)
  • NPHIs on the Front Lines:  Responding to Ebola 2014 – Speakers: Innocent Ujah (Nigeria), Marc Sprenger (ECDC), Ezra Barzilay (United States), Lamine Koivogui (Guinea) Chair: Mwele Malecela (Tanzania)
  • Monitoring & Preventing NCDs – Speakers: Mauricio Hernandez (Mexico), Tamara Poljicanin (Croatia), Jean-Claude Desenclos (France), Mahmud Rahman (Bangladesh) Chair: Mauricio Hernandez (Mexico)  
  • When the Unknown Strikes:  NPHIs Unraveling Public Health Mysteries – Speakers: Fernando de la Hoz Restrepo (Colombia), Abiba Banla (Togo), Austin Mnthambala (Malawi), Innocent Ujah (Nigeria), Zacarias da Silva (Guinea-Bissau) Chair: Reinhard Burger (Germany) 
  • Communication Workshop – Speakers: Shelly Bratton (US), Lamine Koivogui (Guinea), Bashir Noormal (Afghanistan) Chair: Mark Salter (England)
  • Injuries are Not Accidents:  NPHIs Taking on Road Safety & Injury Prevention – Speakers : Ganchimeg Ulziibayar (Mongolia), Mauricio Hernandez (Mexico), Jean de Dieu Ngirabega (Rwanda) Chair: Jean-Claude Desenclos (France)
  • Detecting, Containing, & Preventing the Spread of Outbreaks under IHR:  Impact of a PHEIC Declaration – Speakers: Jaouad Mahjour (WHO/EMRO), Amanullah Khan (Pakistan), Bashir Noormal (Afghanistan), Abderrahmane Maaroufi (Morocco) Chairs: Mahmud Rahman (Bangladesh) and Jean-Claude Desenclos (France)
  • Social Determinants of Health – Speakers: Eugenio Villar (WHO-Geneva), Felix Rosenberg (Brazil), Morten Gronbaek (Denmark) Chair: Paulo Buss (Brazil) 
2014 Meeting

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The 9th Annual Meeting of IANPHI was held in Marrakech, Morocco on 2 – 4 November 2014. The meeting was co-hosted by the Ministry of Health of Morocco (Directorate of Epidemiology and Disease Control) and local IANPHI member institutes National Institute of Hygiene and Pasteur Institute of Morocco.

The agenda of our meeting reflects the many ways the public health functions that national public health institutes are carrying out, ranging from assisting policy and decision making to the practical work in public health laboratories and with surveillance and monitoring.

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2014 Meeting

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