Tanzania's 'Lessons from Ebola'

September 12, 2014


by Christy Craig

'The Ebola virus is not airborne.'

'Emergency hotlines are availble to call for pick-up of patients suspected to have Ebola.'

These are just two of the messages being promoted as part of a national effort by Tanzania's National Institute of Medical Research as a way to prevent an Ebola outbreak within the East African country. In addition to its role in health promotion and prevention education, "NIMR is a part of Tanzania's Ebola Task Force, which focuses on laboratory preparedness and surveillance" as well, NIMR Director and IANPHI Vice President Dr. Mwele Malecela reports.

Likewise, NIMR recently organized a workshop, called Lessons from Ebola, in partnership with the Southern African Center for Infectious Diseases. According to Dr. Malecela, the workshop "brought together medical and veterinary specialists, journalists, traditional healers and researchers from a number of African countries. The idea was to gather experience from people who had dealt with Ebola epidemics in Uganda and Congo and use their experience to improve preparedness of other countries focusing on the realities on the ground."

Image courtesy of CDC/PHIL 2014