NPHIs launch seasonal flu campaigns

October 21, 2014

by Christy Craig

For many countries in the northern hemisphere, the month of October marks the beginning of cooler, weather, as well as the launch of the annual influenza prevention campaigns. Numerous NPHIs have taken proactive steps to ensure that their populations are aware of and able to access the influenza vaccine and other preventative measures in order to protect themselves against the flu.

The United States CDC recommends that everyone over the age of six months receive the vaccine by the end of October, if possible, in order to ensure that people are protected prior to the start of the flu season. The US CDC also encourages everyday preventative actions, including washing hands, and staying away from people who are sick. In the United States, flu vaccines are available at many doctor's offices, clinics, health departments, schools, and health fairs. The CDC recommends using the HealthMap Vaccine Finder site to find local vaccine providers. 

In Europe, too, NPHIs have launched campaigns to raise awareness of the flu, and increase vaccination levels among their populations. Germany's Robert Koch Institute highlights its work in flu outbreak surveillance in this month's Epidemiological Bulletin publication. Public Health England (PHE) has taken to social media to spread awareness of flu vaccines, using the Twitter hashtag #SpreadtheWordNotFluPHE has also produced a promotional video to inform the public about how to protect themselves from the flu.

Image: CDC/PHIL 2014