RIVM health forecasting survey

July 25, 2014

By Christy Craig

In June, the Netherlands’ National Public Health Institute (RIVM) published its 2014 National Health Forecasting Report. The report, which is published every four years, provides an overview of the Netherlands’ current health status, including indicators of infectious and chronic disease, and also describes trends for future health statusof the country. The report’s future trends are based on the “analysis of historic trends and modelling, completed with results from literature searches and opinions of experts,” and the report includes four different future health outcome scenarios.

The 2014 report's findings suggest that life expectancy in the Netherlands will continue to increase, leading to higher numbers of people living with chronic diseases. However, due to health interventions and early dectection, those living with chronic disease will suffer less from their morbidities, and not be excluded from society. The report is key to developing health policy in the Netherlands.

Read the RIVM’s summary of the report, and read the full report here.