Free Epidemiology Course Offered

July 13, 2015

Christy Craig


Widely taught in university settings, epidemiology is a pillar of public health education. However, for those not enrolled in a graduate public health program, the resources available for learning the methods and applications of epidemiology are limited. Recognizing the need for more universally accessible epidemiology training, Dr. David Kleinbaum, an epidemiology professor of Emory University in Atlanta, GA, USA, developed the ActivEpi curriculum.

ActivEpi, a multimedia electronic textbook designed to provide an "interactive resource to learn the fundamentals of epidemiology" and available online at no cost.

Using video and animation, ActivEpi is comprised of 15 lessons, covering topics from study design to logistic regression. Each lesson also includes homework exercises, study questions, and online quizzes to test lesson comprehension before moving on to the next topic. The curriculum has been used by both public health students and professionals alike, and is also available in Spanish on CD-ROM.

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