National CVD research published by INS Colombia

May 26, 2015

Established as part of Colombia's National Institute of Health in 2011, the Colombian National Health Observatory (ONS) has conducted national public health research since 2013. A primary interest of the ONS has been the assessment of national health data from 1998-2011, which was published in a comprehensive report last year. In a recently published analysis of the mortality data found in the report, authors from ONS, including former INS Director Fernando De La Hoz Restrepo, investigate trends in deaths caused by cardiovascular disease in Colombia, especially among those under age 75. The analysis, published in the International Journal of Health Sciences Research last month, "found that the "trend of age-adjusted mortality rates by sex had a decreasing trend with a larger decline among women" (325)."

Read the full report here: Cardiovascular Disease Mortality among Under 75 Years Old Population: An Analysis in Colombia of 1998-2011

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