Ireland IPH Study Shows High Rates of Longstanding Child Health Conditions


December 15, 2015

In a recently published study, Ireland's Institute of Public Health (IPH) reveals that over half (53.2%) of children age seven in Northern Ireland have a chronic health condition. Based on an analysis of the Northern Ireland Millennium Cohort Study, IPH found that the most common conditions affecting seven year-old children are asthma and hearing and sight problems.

The report also identifies the distribution of these conditions, and reveals an unequal distribution based on factors such as socio-economic status, caregiver health status, and maternal health behaviors. 

A similar report was also published on the prevalence of accidents and injuries among three-year-old children, estimating that 16% of three year-olds have been admitted to or treated in a hospital for accident or injury.

Access the full reports here:

Longstanding health conditions and injuries among 7 year-old children in Northern Ireland in 2011: A report based on data from the Millennium Cohort Study

Prevalence of injuries among three-year-old children in the Republic of Ireland in 2011 


Image courtesy of Elliot Gilfix