Peru Launches Anti-Measles Campaign

July 8, 2015

Jennifer Bunkley

The latest in a recent wave of re-emerging infectious disease threats in Peru, suspected measles cases among three expatriate travelers in Lima last month sparked the launch of a prevention campaign by the Peruvian Ministry of Health (MoH). The campaign heavily focuses on the importance of measles vaccination, specifically targeting children under the age of 5.

Priority is also given to those traveling to “high-risk” measles areas, such as Chile, Brazil, the United States of America, and Germany. From June 24th to July 12th, the MoH will be going door-to-door to provide free at-home vaccinations. The vaccination is also available at all health facilities. In addition to airing special public health radio and television broadcasts, health officials are visiting sports arenas, markets, and other venues to raise public awareness. 

To further spread their message, the MoH has taken to social media to inform a larger audience. Their Facebook page features eye-catching infographics outlining everything from the symptoms of measles to travel advisories for those visiting certain countries. On Twitter, the MoH is using the #VamosaPrevenir ("let's prevent") and #sarampión ("measles") hashtags to allow users to instantly share information about measles prevention.

Recognizing the threats posed by re-emerging infectious diseases, including chikungunya, dengue, and now measles, on July 22nd Peru’s National Institute of Health (INS) will host a scientific conference discussing the re-emergence of these diseases.

For additional information on the meeting: Retos Para El Control De Las Enfermedades Infecciosas Reemergentes