IANPHI Convenes Leading Edge Practices Consultative Group

On October 19, 2016, at the IANPHI Annual Meeting in Shanghai, IANPHI and US CDC convened an initial meeting of a proposed IANPHI Consultative Group on Leading Edge Practices for NPHIs. The Leading Edge Practices guide will provide resources for national public health institutes (NPHI) that includes descriptions of what constitutes best practices and a range of examples from NPHIs that others can draw on for inspiration.

The Leading Edge Practices series will focus on “internal-facing” issues such as leadership/management, internal communication, information technology, etc.  Topics may include best practices in developing a position description for an NPHI Director, examples of key elements for NPHI mandates (e.g., law, decree, or other method), staff development, or even wellness programs.  Some of these topics (e.g., position descriptions) may be addressed through actual examples, whereas others (e.g., NPHI mandates) might best be approached through a list of issues to be considered in decision making.

A Best Practices series holds value for many audiences:

  • Donors- A unique product that only IANPHI can develop.
  • NPHIs- A legacy of resources for current and future NPHI development.
  • IANPHI Network- A vehicle to engage all members, thereby strengthening and enhancing the network.
  • Secretariat Offices- An efficient mechanism and resource by which to respond to requests from NPHI directors and staff for information and guidance.
IANPHI, in collaboration with the US CDC, will also recruit a small board of NPHI leadership that will be asked to review materials, suggest examples, and participate in an annual in-person meeting to conduct an in-depth review of materials. 

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