IANPHI 10th Anniversary

Since 2006 IANPHI’s membership has increased from 39 NPHIs to 100+.  Our members are the reason for our success: they have provided technical expertise for the development of IANPHI’s tools, including the Framework for the Development and Strengthening of NPHIs, a Peer-to-Peer Evaluation Initiative and others, which are the international gold standard for NPHI assessment and capacity building. They are the technical experts and partners behind over 61 investment projects, including assisting 14 countries to envision and create new NPHIs.

10th Annual Meeting

IANPHI celebrates a decade of creating, connecting and transforming. Click below to lern more about our 10th annual meeting in Shanghai, China.

10th Annual Meeting

Ten Years of Progress

Since 2006, IANPHI's membership has increased from 39 NPHIs to 100+. Read more about our progress.

IANPHI 10 Year Milestones

IANPHI Progress Report

IANPHI improves the world's health by leveraging the experience and expertise of its member institutes. Our 100+ members represent 93 countries and benefit 5 billion people on 4 continents.

IANPHI Progress Report


IANPHI members share an organizational vision and culture based on service to others. This vision has been realized through the generous support of key donors including the Rockefeller Foundation, Dr. David Heymann, and partnerships that leveraged bilateral and other donors including those with the U.S. CDC, the National Public Health Institute of Sweden, NIPH of Norway, FIOCRUZ of Brazil, Public Health England, NIMR Nigeria, NIH Mozambique and numerous others. Since the earliest days the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been a key source of financial support and continues to contribute to innovation and activities across the IANPHI network. As of 2016, IANPHI and our members have leveraged more than $68.7 million in funds and pro bono technical assistance. Our members and their generous contributions of time, funding and technical assistance are priceless.

IANPHI has the structure, experience, confidence, support and momentum we need to help more countries address – sustainably and over the long term - the evolving public health challenges we see today as well as those awaiting us in the future. When it comes to public health, we are all connected, as every epidemic makes clear. To build the strong public health programs needed, country by country, and to improve national and thus global health, will take all of us, working together. Thanks to our members and the countries that have embraced its concepts, IANPHI is ready.

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