Wales: Looking Ahead to the Well-being of Future Generations

April 21, 2016

A landmark new law to integrate public services in Wales - including those for public health, housing, transportation, the environment and welfare - places Public Health Wales at the forefront of efforts to address the societal and economic causes of poor health through a comprehensive, prevention-based approach. 

"Many of the underlying factors contributing to poor mental and physical health are clear," said Public Health Wales Executive Director of Public Health Services/Medical Director Quentin Sandifer during IANPHI's European meeting April 14 in Bilthoven, Netherlands.  "Well-being is a product of many complex and integrated factors at various levels including environmental, economic, societal, cultural and personal."  He noted that children with adverse childhood experiences such as verbal, physical or sexual abuse, living in households with challenges that might include parental separation, domestic violence, alcohol/drug abuse, mental illness and incarceration, have lower economic, educational and health outcomes.  "The Well Being of Future Generations Act integrates, on a local level, the services of various disciplines in an integrated and coordinated way," he said.  

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