Ukraine to Host Annual European NPHI Director's Meeting

The 2017 IANPHI European NPHI Director’s Meeting will be hosted by new IANPHI member institute the Ukraine Public Health Center on April 19-20th in Kiev, Ukraine. This year’s theme Public Dialogue for Better Health Governance will shape the conversations in the conference’s scheduled sessions on public health leadership, the modernization of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), surveillance and the coalition of partners for strengthening public health services.
In addition to peer-to-peer partnerships, IANPHI’s 108+ members have developed strong regional networks. With support from IANPHI and local leadership, these networks in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe provide resources for NPHIs in each region to learn from each other’s experiences, build capacity, and collaborate to respond to regional public health challenges. 
For more information on this annual European NPHI Director’s Meeting visit the IANPHI Europe website, here

The CHAMPS network collects and shares data, collaborating with local, national and global stakeholders, including NPHIs and ministries of health to engage and strengthen capacity for high quality high efficiency data collection and policy making that targets child mortality.

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