A Letter from the President

Dear IANPHI Members,
On behalf of IANPHI, I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on the great strides our unique network has made toward transforming public health around the world and to inform you of the upcoming IANPHI annual meeting in Rome, Italy scheduled for October 22-24, 2017.   
In 2016 IANPHI celebrated 10 years of creating, connecting, and transforming National Public Health Institutes around the world. We commemorated our first decade of achievements in Shanghai, China during the annual meeting hosted by China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our membership grew and we are now 108 members strong in 93 countries. Many of the public health challenges we faced this year helped illuminate the importance of our international framework. Last April, 20 of our members met to discuss Zika and its global impact, marking one of many influential meetings to combat international epidemics. We applaud the creation of the regional collaborative network among the NPHIs in Asia, strengthening our mission to build robust public health systems.

IANPHI is capable of helping more countries address the current global health issues affecting millions every day.

Mauricio Hernandez-Avila President, IANPHI

As we move forward into the new year and the next decade, IANPHI will continue to engage and strengthen more countries as we address the current global health issues affecting millions every day. Health concerns like cancer, refugee health, global health security, regional health information systems and others will take all of us, working together. With your help, IANPHI can continue to build the strong public health programs needed, country by country, to improve national and global health -- for all. IANPHI wishes all of our members, partners, and countries a happy, healthy and productive 2017. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s annual meeting in Rome.

Mauricio Hernandez-Avila
President, IANPHI

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