Free Electronic Textbooks from Jossey-Bass Public Health
Jossey-Bass Public Health recently posted free books including Basic Epidemiology, Introduction to Biostatistics, Climate Change, and many more. »

Making the Right Moves: a practical guide to scientific management for postdocs and new faculty
This manual is intended for laboratory-based biomedical scientists just starting out—advanced postdoctoral fellows ready to enter the academic job market and new faculty members in research universities and medical schools. Much of the material, however, is also relevant to scientists pursuing nonacademic career paths. This manual highlights key points about managing scientific research operations that are not readily available in print elsewhere. »

Mentoring for Mentors
Developed by the Center for Health Leadership and Practice, this manual offers a guide on building a mentoring relationship, exchanging information, setting and working towards goals, and planning for the future. Mentoring best practices and mentoring goal worksheet are also included »

Mentoring for Mentors
Also developed by the Center for Health Leadership and Practice, this manual describes how to find a mentor, the key mentoring skills and the stages of formal mentoring relationships. »

mentoringNature's Guide for Mentors 

Having a good mentor early in your career can mean the difference between success and failure in any field. Adrian Lee, Carina Dennis and Philip Campbell look at what makes a good mentor. Nature 2007;447:791-7.

scienceThe Merits of Training Mentors: Good Mentoring Can Be Learned 

Mentoring relationships between faculty and students are often cited as critical in the decisions of undergraduates to pursue graduate education. This study finds that communication and an improvement in the quality of the undergraduate research experience are key factors of good mentoring. Science 2006;311:473-4

CFARUCSF-GIVI Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Mentoring Program Virtual Binder 

This site offers resources such as a mentor development plan, mentoring standards, mentor orientation and guides, and a Faculty Handbook for Success, Advancement and Promotion.

In this article Walker, Kelly and Hume examine the challenges and benefits of a formal mentoring program within the context of graduate medical education and professional development.

Frequently asked questions and answers about the IANPHI Mentorship Program. 

Description of IANPHI Mentorship Program and its mentorship pairs.