IANPHI 2010 Annual Meeting - Linking Science and Action

October 31 - November 3, in Atlanta, USA, hosted by the U.S. CDC

CDC Visitor CenterMore than 100 IANPHI members and invited guests representing more than 50 countries had a common goal when they met in Fall 2010 in Atlanta: strengthening individual public health institutes and establishing partnerships to significantly reduce death and disease globally.  Attendees included directors of national public health institutes plus representatives from partner organizations including WHO and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

At the General Assembly on November 2, members approved a membership fee proposal, approved the applications of eleven countries seeking institutional or associate membership of IANPHI, and elected new members to the Executive Board.  

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Opening Session
NPHI and Health Systems Strengthening (Tom Frieden)

Linking Science and Action (plenary session)

Looking at future disease threats and taking action (Marc Sprenger)
Decreasing the Burden of Foodborne Diseases (Robert Tauxe)

IANPHI Mentoring Program

IANPHI & Mentorship: Updates and next steps (Oman Khan)

Closing The Management Gap

Strengthening the Practice of Public Health through Management Excellence (David Butler Jones)
How CDC Grows its Employees (Bill Nichols)

Confronting the Burden of Disease in a Changing World

Injuries as a Public Health Problem - Experiences in Serbia (Tanja Knezevic)
Confronting Injury and Violence Globally: A Tale of Two Traumas (James A. Mercy)
Moroccan Injuries Notification and Data Collection 

NPHI Role in Disaster Preparedness

NPHI Role in Disaster Preparedness and Response (Daniel M. Sosin) 
Emergency Preparedness and Response (Justin McCracken)
Disaster Relief and Disease Prevention work in Wenchuan Earthquake (Wang Yu)

The Social Dimensions of Risk Factors

IANPHI investment to building the capacity for NCD surveillance, prevention and control in Tanzania (Dr. Mfinanga)
The Social Dimensions of Risk Factor Surveillance (David V. McQueen)
Monitoring the social determinants of health (Jane Wilde) 

Immunization Policy

Developing Immunization Policy (Tamy Shohat)
Developing Immunization Policy in Hong Kong (TH Leung)
Immunization Policy in the United States (Anne Schuchat)
Immunization Policy in Cuba (Jorge Perez)

Improving Laboratory Systems

Improving Laboratory Systems and Services: CDC’s Role as a National Public Health Institute (John Ridderhof)

Human Resources Development

Planning for a 21st Century Workforce (Peter Barnes, Del King, Wanda Hayes)

Reports from IANPHI Project Sites

IANPHI investiment to building the capacity for NCD surveillance, prevention and control in Tanzania (Dr. Mfinanga)
Update on IANPHI's Medium Term Project with NIMR in Nigeria (Oni Idigbe)
Ethiopian Health & Nutrition Research Institute (Amha Kebede)
Development of the NPHI (INASA) in Guinea-Bissau (Amabelia Rodrigues)