Established in 2013, the IANPHI-Africa network, based at NICD South Africa facilitates coordination, interaction, and cooperation among African national public health institutes.

The African network of NPHIs is uniquely positioned to provide peer support and knowledge sharing to new and existing institutes across the continent. The annual IANPHI-Africa meeting provides a wonderful opportunity to meet and share experiences and to strengthen this valued network of African NPHIs.

Our network is comprised of 31 members of the International Association of National Public Health institutes across the continent. 

Questions, more information, and membership materials can be addressed to: info@ianphi.org


“The visibility of African public health leaders has never been higher.”

Dr. Mwele Malecela, in her welcome address to public health leaders during the African NPHI regional meeting in Shanghai.

The regional IANPHI-Africa meeting launched with a warm welcome by the President of the network and Vice President of IANPHI, Mwele Malecela and concluded with the election of a new chair, South African leader, Dr. Natalie Mayet, from the Regional Global Disease Detection Center, National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD).

Visibility, the importance of stability and sharing best practices emphasized an overall repeating theme throughout the meeting – Collaboration is Key. In addition, sessions focused on African NPHI sharing, Mapping Collaboration; NPHI Development Resources and Network Business including the election of new leadership.

NPHI-Sharing: African NPHI members, gave reports from their country including, strategic planning, use of new technology, e-learning, ebola response, national public health legislation and creating new NPHIs.

Mapping a “Dashboard” of Collaboration among IANPHI-Africa, Africa CDC; China CDC, GHSA; Focusing on partnering to strengthening public health institutes in Africa.

NPHI Development Resources: Staged Development Tool: a resource that assists NPHIs in achieving their most critical next steps. During a collaborative and productive exercise, the IANPHI-African participants gathered in groups to try out the “tool.”

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