NPHI Evaluation

Tapping its unparalleled global expertise, IANPHI has developed a unique NPHI-to-NPHI evaluation service which is now available to its member institutes interested in an external evaluation. The scope, focus, and terms of the evaluation have been developed at the behest of the NPHI directors.


A team from IANPHI and its member NPHIs conducted a Peer to Peer Evaluation in Brussels, Belgium, in April 2015. Learn more >>


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After the 2012 annual meeting in Mexico, IANPHI launched the development of the Evaluation tool, based on the IANPHI experience with the China CDC comprehensive evaluation in August 2010; more targeted evaluations of some EPHFs or program areas such as non-communicable diseases, tobacco control, and injury that are carried out as part of some IANPHI Development projects; and on the experience of the NPHIs with several types of external evaluations.

Upon request, IANPHI has the capacity to assemble a team of NPHI directors or senior experts to carry out the external evaluation using different tools developed from the IANPHI Framework, which set common grounds for definition of the Essential Public Health Functions (EPHFs) and core attributes of NPHIs. The IANPHI evaluation team provides a formal evaluation report with recommendations to the NPHI Director.

For more information, or to participate in an evaluation exercise contact Anne-Catherine Viso, Deputy director, IANPHI France Secretariat. Funds to cover the costs of such evaluation should be provided by the NPHIs.


The Evaluation tool takes into account the diversity of the NPHIs. By pooling and sharing experience, IANPHI has developed principles for the evaluation of an NPHI. The aim is to deliver a tool useful for the NPHI Directors to demonstrate the contribution of the NPHI in its national specific context, and to draw main recommendations that could provide orientations to improve the quality of their services and impact on public health.