Research Bureau

Contact the Research Bureau for National Public Health Institutes

IANPHI provides technical assistance to countries that are establishing or enhancing their national public health institutes (NPHIs). To support member countries and partners in these efforts, we have created a Research Bureau to answer NPHI questions, connect NPHI members, and further policy and evidence-based practices. 


Connecting NPHIs 

Learning about NPHI activities

Answering general IANPHI questions

Providing referral services

Assisting with regional networking 

Sample Questions: 

Which NPHIs are working on Dengue surveillance and control?

Which NPHIs have laboratory capacity and expertise in diagnosing multidrug resistance tuberculosis (MDR TB)?

Where can I find the Framework for creating a national public health institute?

How can I connect with an NPHI?


The Research Bureau launched in September 2015.