Strengthen Core Public Health Functions and Operations

On October 13-17, 2014, representatives from CDC and IANPHI’s US Office traveled to Colombia to engage in discussions with INS and other national health and public health leaders and partners to identify areas for strengthening core public health functions and operations. The planning process resulted in a one-year work plan aimed at NPHI strengthening in Colombia.

The new project, funded through a CDC cooperative agreement with IANPHI in October 2015, has several objectives:

  •  Build and strengthen institutional capacity for effective communication and data-to-action – Through training and technical assistance, the project will ensure that staff receive enhanced training in risk communication and that the data collected and analyzed by INS are translated into policy
  • Strengthen biosafety and biosecurity – In response to cases of laboratory-acquired infections and urgency arising from increased concerns about Ebola, INS will strengthen staff training on handling potentially hazardous infectious materials and purchase essential biosafety equipment and supplies to ensure safe operation of INS laboratories
  • Provide national leadership for development of a prioritized agenda for research and innovation in public health – INS will conduct an internal planning exercise to develop an agenda that prioritizes research than will have a significant health impact
  • Strengthen the National Health Observatory – INS will improve the quality of available public health data through existing knowledge networks
  • Strengthen diagnostic capacity for hemorrhagic fevers and unknown emerging organisms