Assess Triumphs and Challenges in Colombian Health through National Level Research

March 10, 2014 

With a strategic focus on public health research, the Colombian National Health Observatory was established in 2011 as a branch of the National Health Institute (NHI). Through generous funding and support from IANPHI and the NHI, the National Health Observatory (ONS) began conducting national public health research in 2013.  

In early 2014, the ONS published a comprehensive report on the health status of the country between 1998 - 2011. Through the analysis of national health data, interviews, and the scientific literature, the ONS reported an overall decrease in mortality rate across Colombia. The top ten causes of death in Colombia have remained unchanged over the course of the 14 years, with non-communicable diseases and injury leading as the most prevalent causes of death.
The analysis also revealed a significant decline in both infant and child mortality rates, with a decrease of 37.5% and 39%, respectively. These decreases reflect important progress in Colombian public health, and are on target to meet the Millennium Development Goal for decreasing child mortality. However, the decline in maternal mortality in Colombia has been insignificant, and highlights one area that still has room for improvement. This report and the ongoing research of the ONS will serve as valuable tools in policy-making and program development in Colombian public health, and IANPHI is proud to partner with the ONS in its work.

Read the full report.