Build financial management capacity at INASA

Establishing a strong financial department at INASA is crucial as the new institute becomes responsible for implementing and monitoring national public health programs financed by both national and international partners. In April 2010, Portugal’s National Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (IHMT) received a one-year, $25,000 IANPHI grant to provide financial management training for INASA health professionals. 

INASA was formally created in October 2008, by Guinea Bissau’s council of Ministers to become the Ministry of Health’s arm for public health. The institute brought together the four organizations that represented the country’s national public health capacity and infrastructure.

This training involves a partnership between two IANPHI members—IHMT and INASA. At IHMT, its director, Professor Paulo Ferrinho, will coordinate the project. Technical assistance will be provided by Financial Director Carla Braz, who will identify and propose a program for financial training in Guinea-Bissau. INASA’s financial director will travel to Lisbon, Portugal for a month-long training session in financial systems and procedures, which will be followed by additional training and technical assistance provided by IHMT in Guinea-Bissau. 

IHMT, founded in 1902, is located within the New University of Lisbon. The institute is both nationally and internationally recognized for its scientific nature and post-graduate training, research, and development cooperation. 

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