Establish a comprehensive NPHI to strengthen public health delivery

Deficiencies in infrastructure and human resources have kept Mozambique’s National Institute of Health from carrying out mandated functions of disease detection and outbreak investigation and response. The institute is located in an office building with limited laboratory capacity and dangerous biosafety conditions. Without a central public health reference laboratory, standardized data collection system, and trained personnel, the country has not been able to quickly identify major disease threats or outbreaks, nor implement plans to contain them.

Mozambique’s Minister of Health aims to transform the country’s National Institute of Health into a comprehensive NPHI with a focus on data collection and research for informed public health decision making. As part of the project, NIH Director Ilesh Jani wants to implement new initiatives for disease monitoring and outbreak investigation and a comprehensive and coordinated system of public health laboratories, including a new public health reference laboratory. This will require significant organizational, human resource, and infrastructure development. 

IANPHI member institutes have donated considerable time, talents and resources to help transform the NIH into a comprehensive national public health institute. 

In collaboration with Fiocruz, IANPHI’s member institute in Brazil, the Ministry completed a strategic plan for a new institute, which was further developed by IANPHI and our partner HDR CUH2A’s Design 4 Others, a non-profit laboratory design firm. Design 4 Others also helped with organizational planning and developed initial design plans for the new facility. Once completed, the ministry will implement the action items for establishing the new institute – including human resources, infrastructure, and training needs. A key partner in the effort is the USCDC in Maputo which will oversee $9 million in budgeted PEPFAR funding. IANPHI is helping identify potential partners to fund equipment and laboratory needs for the facility. 

Notes from the Field

Director Ilesh Jani and partners recently met with IANPHI's Atlanta Secretariat to finalize plans for the institute. From left are Dr. Jani, Beth Skaggs, US. CDC; Courtenay Dusenbury, IANPHI; Kathy Cahill, IANPHI; Cindy Quezeda, U.S. State Department; and Dr. Felix Rosenberg of FIOCRUZ.  Also attending were Scott Butler, Lynn Mignola, and Jeff Minton from Design 4 Others. 

Mozambique planning