Strategic Plan for Evidence-Based National Health Policy

Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) will ensure evidence-based national health policy through new strategies to link research findings to policy makers, and the media. UVRI plans to send selected staff to another IANPHI member NPHI to be trained in effective communication strategies and will establish an information and policy position within UVRI to work with the media and develop a communication strategy. Currently, many research findings don’t reach potential target audiences because they are not conveyed in a simple, relevant language understood by the intended recipients, such as policymakers and the general public. For example, although 410 new HIV infections occur every day in Uganda, policies on HIV in workplaces, provider-initiated HIV counseling and testing, voluntary medical male circumcision, and anti-retroviral drug use for prevention and treatment still are inadequately articulated or implemented. An effective communication strategy will increase the visibility of UVRI within Ugandan Ministry of Health and make it easier for the institution to make policy recommendations based on scientific evidence.

Aedes africanus arbovirus