Igbal A. B. Abukarig


Key Qualifications and experiences:

-       Fellowship of the Sudan Medical Specialization Board in Community medicine

-       Diploma in Reproductive Health/ LSTM

-       13 years’ experience in working sub-nationally, nationally and internationally in the area of Public health; Child and Reproductive health; Health system strengthening and reform, Policy development, Health system management, Monitoring and Evaluation of Health programmes/projects.

Key experiences in area of Child and Reproductive Health

-         Participated in the introduction process and Lead the implementation of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) strategy in Sudan; Adaptation group, senior trainer and course director. Design the course directors training manual, Participated in and supervise the design of simple supervisory package training programme, manuals and assessment tools.

-         Member of the regional committee for the development of the evaluation tool of the IMCI pre-service training and participated in the process of evaluation of implementation in Alexandria university

-         Member of the regional IMCI community component committee

-         Lead the process of the Child health policy development

-         Design and develop the Midwifery Services Rehabilitation Project in Sudan;

  • Revision and updating of the basic training curriculum of Midwives,
  • Assessment (including developing the tool for the assessment and field  work) of the situation of the Village Midwives (VM) schools’ tutors and the VMs working in the field,
  • Designing Methodology and developing training materials for upgrading of the Midwifery schools Tutors and Midwives currently in the service,
  • Setting a plan for schools rehabilitation and support with training materials and tools

-         Participated in and supervise the development of the Sudan Reproductive Health Policy, Sudan National Strategy for Reproductive Health 2007-2011, National Standards on ANC, FP, PNC, Neonatal Care and Delivery care, Standards Operations Procedures on management of RH services in Sudan.

Key Qualifications and experiences in the area of Adolescent Health:

-         Adolescent health was one of the priority components in each of the Reproductive Health Policy and Sudan National Strategy for Reproductive Health 2007-2011; 

-         Conducted desk review and assessment of the situation of adolescent health services in Sudan.

-         Plan and participated as a facilitator in the conduction of a workshop on Adolescent health in Sudan; current situation and future perspectives

-         Attended the WHO Orientation programme on adolescent health for care providers.

-         Participated in the review of the WHO Adolescent Job Aid Manual

-         Conduct, as Short Term Consultant the ADOLESCENT HEALTH SITUATION ANALYSIS IN THE EMR;

  • Description of the current situation of ADH in the region, covering the following areas:
  • Demographic characteristics, socio-cultural status.
  • Common adolescent health problems,
  • Adolescent health related policies and legislations
  • Existing adolescent health related programmes, structure, programme implementation (management structure, available resources, partners involved
  • Identification of the risk factors, strengths; successful experiences and gaps in relation to ADH programme implementation in the region
  • Suggestion of a package of interventions to promote ADH in the region

Key Qualifications and experiences in the area of Non communicable Diseases (NCD):

-         Direct supervisor of the NCD division in the FMOH

  • Participated in the development of the National NCD strategy, National cancer control strategy, Mental health policy
  • Supervised the establishment of the Cancer registry in Sudan
  • Designed and supervised the implementation of a pilot project for integration of the NCDs in PHC in two States in Sudan based on the WHO PEN tools
  • Participated in the development of the guidelines for early detection and prevention of the most common cancers in Sudan; Breast, oral and cervical cancers
  • Participated in the development of the guidelines for health education and management of Diabetes


Key experiences in area of researches and Studies: 

-         Health facility survey on Diarrheal diseases as surveyor (HFS-CDD) Oct. 1997- WHO

-         Evaluation of family response to home management advises according to IMCI guidelines as field supervisor  July  2000 –Feb 2001- FMOH

-         National supervisor in evaluation of the health system in Sudan Oct .2001- FMOH

-         National supervisor in the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2000 - UNICEF

-         Survey coordinator of the IMCI Health Facility Survey (March –April 2003) - WHO

-         Study on bloody diarrhea, causative organisms & pattern of sensitivity as principal investigator.(PI)  2004-2006. TDR/WHO

-         Member of the IMCI pre-service evaluation team in Alexandria/Egypt and Khartoum/Sudan Universities, 2006

-         Survey executive director for the Sudan Household Health Survey (MICS/PAPFAM) 2005-2007

-         Survey national consultant for the Mapping of health facilities in 15 northern States in Sudan, May-November 2008 - FMOH

-         Member of the FMOH/HAC and UN country team joint assessment mission for the three areas; Blue Nile State. April 2009

-         Survey executive director for the Sudan Household Health Survey 2nd round, August 2009 – Dec 2011; Questionnaires development, survey field preparation, monitoring and supervision of field work and collection of the filled questionnaires, Head of the data analysis and report writing committee.

-         National Consultant for the Malaria Indicator Survey; Nov.  2012 – June 2013 (WHO/Global Fund)

-         National consultant for World bank/CO on reviewing the Maternal death review system in Sudan March-June 2013

-         Member of the technical committee and director of the data management unit for the Health System Performance Assessment (HSPA) 2012 – April 2013

-         Management of Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): A Needs Assessment Based Training Program as PI – TDR/WHO (ongoing)

-         National Survey Director for the TB Prevalence Survey 2013 (ongoing)


Key experiences in other areas

-         Participated in the development of the Sudan National Health Policy.

-         Designed and monitored the progress of implementation of the Local health system reform project:

  •  Mapping of PHC health services  in the 15 Northern States
  • Setting standards for the local health system; administrative levels, care delivery points and supportive system
  • Investment plans development
  • Frame for expansion of services towards the universal coverage
  • Member of the GAVI health system strengthening project management unit (2008-2010)
  • Head of the review committee of the National Health Sector Strategic Plan (NHSSP) 2012 - 2016




University of Khartoum/ Faculty of Medicine

Date from / to





Sudan Medical Specialization Board (SMSB)

Date from / to



Fellowship on Community Medicine


Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

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April – July 2007


Diploma in Reproductive Health in Developing Countries


Membership in Professional Societies

-       Sudan Medical Association

-       Sudan Association for Preventive & Social Medicine Physicians

-       Royal College Obstetricians and Gynaecologists as Associate