David Denton


IANPHI U.S. Office, Emory University's Global Health Institute

David Denton joined IANPHI in September 2019 as a first-year Emory University graduate student pursuing a Masters in Public Health degree with a concentration in Global Health, more specifically focused on community health development and nutrition.

Originally from the Bronx New York, David has actively participated in the ways in which different countries respond to global health, education and displaced youth challenges. He has had the privilege of working in the international community and youth development across four continents. Specifically, he developed access to water and health education curricula for study abroad students in Cambodia, he served in the Peace Corps in Fiji supporting policy development and collaborating on assignments with NGOs and UN agencies, he has taught English through a cultural exchange program in Brazil, and has engaged in social work within the United States. He hopes to contribute to the ongoing fight against Non-Communicable Diseases that are at epidemic levels within marginalized communities and countries while building a strong career within an international organization based on humanitarian development and global health. He enjoys art, writing poetry and playing sports.