Oni Idigbe

Former Director General, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research 
NIMR Director of Research 

Oni Emmanuel Idigbe is the former director general of the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) in Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. He became the director general in 2000 and server as director until 2008. His primary research areas are tuberculosis and HIV, and he has  published over 65 scientific papers. Currently he is research director of the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research.
Dr. Idigbe was a founding member of IANPHI Executive Board . He has provided expertise on site visits to Uganda and Ghana and represented IANPHI at the WHO regional meeting and other events. He was also the first mentor in IANPHI’s Mentorship Program and was a key presenter in the mentorship training session during the Annual Meeting.

Oni Idigbe received IANPHI’s first Exceptional Service Award in 2007 in appreciation of his efforts on behalf of IANPHI.