Amha Kebede


Dr. Amha Kebede is a biomedical researcher who has dedicated himself to the advancement of the public’s health. He received his PhD in Biomedical Science in 2005 from Addis Ababa University & Leiden University, The Netherlands.  He got his MSc in Molecular Biology from Belgium at Free University of Brussels in 1997.  His career includes 25 years at the Ethiopian Health & Nutrition Research Institute (EHNRI), where, apart from being a full time researcher, he held leadership positions as Head, Infectious & Other Diseases Research Dept, from July 2005- Nov 2006 and as Deputy Director General for Research & Technology Transfer since Nov 2006 till Nov 2011. He has been Director General since March 22, 2011. He has published over 25 scientific articles in a reputable peer reviewed international and local journals. He has also presented his findings in a number of international and national scientific forums.

At the moment, as the DG, he is responsible for managing EHNRI's research activities and ensuring that they generate evidence based knowledge which furthers the Ministry's efforts to improve the health of the population. He oversees the operations of all research Directorates (Departments) and ensures coordination of activities between these entities, as well as with the National Laboratory Capacity Building Directorate, Public Health Emergency Management Center, and Institutional Support branches of the Institute. He is also responsible for developing and motivating a team with a unified sense of mission and vision. As a DG also, he plays a key role in managing the Institute's relationship with partner organizations that support the Institute's public health related activities. He also assesses the progress of the Institute's research and referral testing activities, take corrective actions when necessary, and ensure responsible use of available funds.   

He is board member in a number of disciplines:  Ethiopian Academy of Science; Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Share Company (EPHARM); data safety monitoring board (DSMB) for Leishmaniasis East Africa Platform (LEAP) clinical trial supported by EDCTP. 

He has been serving as coordinator of a number of projects of national & international importance: The EHNRI/CDC HIV, TB and STI Project (ECPAST); The First National TB Prevalence Survey;  Supporting the Use of Research Evidence (SURE) for Policy in African Health System (Multicenter EU supported); the Ethiopian Five Year Health Impact Evaluation of the combined effect of the Global Fund and other donors against HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB; Strategic investment in EHNRI to assist its transition into a comprehensive National Public Health Institute (IANPHI); WHO laboratory twinning initiative with California Public Health Laboratory in capacity building at EHNRI for the diagnosis of epidemic prone and other diseases in the country.