National Public Health Institutes

National Public Health Institutes

What is an NPHI? Defining and and supporting National Public Health Institutes »

Health in all policies—from what to how Pekka Puska Director General, National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Helsinki, Finland

Health in all Policies—from what to how

IANPHI President, Pekka Puska, writes about defined recommendations to national governments for guidance in implementation of health in all policies. »

IANPHI: CDCs for the World

Without a strong public heath infrastructure, how can any country respond to its biggest health challenges? IANPHI, based in Emory’s Global Health Institute, is helping low-resource countries build the infrastructure they need. »

Health Wanted
How public health expert Courtenay Dusenbury and a loose alliance of feisty nuns, Bill and Melinda Gates, exhausted midwives, mosquito hunters, and Ministries of Health are conspiring to save lives in poor countries like Mozambique. »


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