The International Association of National Public Health Institutes links and strengthens National Public Health Institutes (NPHIs) — the government agencies responsible for public health. IANPHI improves the world’s health by leveraging the experience and expertise of its member institutes to build new NPHIs and strengthen existing ones. Our 108 members —including the U.S. CDC, China CDC, Public Health England, FIOCRUZ of Brazil and INSP of Mexico - represent 93 countries and benefit five billion people on four continents.

IANPHI’s unique focus on national public health institutes has led to measurable improvements in capacity including outbreak surveillance and response for Ebola, Zika, and other urgent threats that require swift, comprehensive public health cooperation across borders. IANPHI members also exchange best practices and technical capacity for major threats to public health such as tobacco use and injury, and risk factors for chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. The partnership between our members and our holistic approach to developing comprehensive institutes rather than investing in vertical disease programs – makes us unique.

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