2008 Newsletter Archive

2008 Winter Ianphi World NewsletterWinter 2008 IANPHI World Newsletter

IANPHI marks the first year of program operations and the successful launch of its initial projects and membership activities. »

2008 Spring Ianphi World NewsletterSpring 2008 IANPHI World Newsletter

IANPHI has awarded a second round of grants for strengthening NPHI capacity and infrastructure in low-resource countries. The new awards include four capacity-building grants to support public health institutes in Thailand, Serbia, Macedonia, and Argentina for up to three years. »

2008 Summer Ianphi World NewsletterSummer 2008 IANPHI World Newsletter

From South America to South Africa, member institutes are putting IANPHI’s peer-assistance model into action to transform NPHI capacity and strengthen public health systems. »

2008 Fall Ianphi WorldFall 2008 IANPHI World Newsletter

Guinea-Bissau is the first of IANPHI’s planned multi-year engagements with low-resource countries to develop and strengthen NPHIs. In a slight shift of emphasis, IANPHI will be reducing the number of medium-term grant programs to concentrate most of its resources and energy on NPHI development projects with the potential for long-term impact and sustainability. »


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