2009 Newsletter Archive

IANPHI World-December 2009

On growth, giving back, and IANPHI World. IANPHI grant program open for proposals. H1N1 outbreak demonstrates need for strong NPHI's. Mentors and mentees wanted, new members, and more. »

IANPHI World Edition francaise - December 2009

Sur la croissance, la réciprocité et l’information en ligne. »

IANPHI World Edicion en español - December 2009

Sobre crecimiento, retribución y noticias por correo electrónico. »

IANPHI World Edicion en Portugués - December 2009

Sobre crescimento, retribuicao, e noticias online. »

2009 Winter Ianphi WorldWinter 2009 IANPHI World Newsletter

Planning is underway for new projects in Ethiopia and Tanzania. Also in this issue, IANPHI members help discover and contain viruses in Africa; an update from IANPHI's vice-president, Pekka Puska; the launch of IANPHI's new mentorship program; the Nigerian NPHI, with support from IANPHI, introduces a new assay to combat MDR-TB; and the National Public Health Institute of Finland, home of IANPHI’s Secretariat, merges with the National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health. »


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