IANPHI Leadership Academy

2014 - 2015

Leadership Academy Mission

The goal of the IANPHI Leadership Academy is to provide personal leadership development tools and institutional leadership strategies for NPHI executive teams.


The IANPHI Leadership Academy was founded with generous support from Sweden’s National Institute of Public Health and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with local support from the National Institute of Health of Mozambique and the National Institute of Medical Research of Tanzania

Its mission is to foster excellence and best practices in leadership through experiential learning.  The inaugural 2014-2015 session is targeted to NPHIs in African countries, which will be invited to nominate two- or three-person teams to participate.

Participants will gain insights into their individual leadership styles and ways to be more effective in working with others.  Through presentations, group discussions, problem-solving scenarios, and role plays, they will cultivate new skills and knowledge in domains that are critical for leaders to maximize their impact.

Participants in the 2014-2015 session of the IANPHI Leadership Academy will take part in a series of interrelated events and activities, highlighted by two action-learning seminars.

In 2009-2012, IANPHI conducted the Heymann Mentorship Program, which has since been institutionalized in IANPHI’s programmatic work. Conceived by Dr. David Heymann and funded through a generous gift from him to IANPHI, the Heymann Mentorship Program yielded demonstrable gains in leadership, organizational development, institutional capacity building, and skills building that benefited not only the individual mentees but also the participating NPHIs themselves. The IANPHI Leadership Academy builds on the success of that program and affirms IANPHI’s commitment to mentorship and leadership development as a cornerstone activity. 

To acknowledge and honor the contributions of Dr. David Heymann and the Heymann Mentorship Program, leaders selected for participation in the IANPHI Leadership Academy will be recognized as Heymann Fellows.  


2014 IANPHI Leadership Academy Session Information

Application for the 2014 IANPHI Leadership Academy Session

2014 IANPHI Leadership Academy Session

2014 Session Facilitators Sue Binder Sarah Wamala Ed Baker Mr. Marcus Jönsson

2014 - 2015 Scholars

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