To draw attention to and increase support for the world's public health institutes, IANPHI's contributes to the knowledge base about NPHIs and the functions they perform. 

For example, the October 2007 issues of the British Medical Journal and theEmerging Infectious Diseases journal featured commentaries by IANPHI colleagues highlighting the role of NPHIs in achievement of global health initiatives and argung for provision of donor funding directly to national governments to strengthen public health infrastructure. A 2008 series published in the Journal of Public Health Policyreports and comments on findings from IANPHI's surveys of member NPHIs using our framework of core attributes and functions. 

These and other publications illustrate the role of NPHIs as purveyors of public goods and strengthen the case for their support in the pursuit of public health system strengthening and improved health outcomes. 

"We predict that governments will increasingly consolidate their public health functions and that future public health crises, such as the threat of pandemic influenza, will speed the formation of NPHIs" - From: Binder et al. NPHI creation: lessons learned and future directions. Journal of Public Health Policy 2008;29:459-66