Policy Development

IANPHI’s policy work includes contributions to the literature on public health systems strengthening and development of practical tools that can be used by countries to assess their current capacity and chart a course for building long-term capacity. 

  • IANPHI researches, assesses, and writes about the important role of national public health institutes in improving health outcomes.     We focus on national public health systems strengthening and are a major contributor to the literature in this field. Our annual survey of members has provided valuable new data on the composition and role of NPHIs around the world.
  • In addition to our theoretical work, we provide practical tools used by NPHI directors and other public health officials to assess and measure public health systems in their countries. The IANPHI Framework for the Creation and Development of National Public Health Institutes, developed through a task force of IANPHI members and approved by its General Assembly in 2006, provides a road map for those interested in creating or strengthening NPHIs.
  • IANPHI has also developed a series of case studies to illustrate the varied historical and political beginnings of key NPHIs. These case studies provide new perspectives on the various ways in which public health has developed in nations around the world.  These perspectives and the personal insights of the institute directors who were interviewed for the studies are helpful when considering expanding or improving NPHIs and are a unique source of benchmarking information.