The main office of the IANPHI Secretariat is currently hosted by Santé publique France, the French public health agency, near Paris, France. The IANPHI U.S. Office is based in Atlanta, Georgia, hosted by Emory University within the Emory Global Health Institute

Coordinated by the Secretary General, IANPHI's staff is responsible for member relations, programs, and the annual meeting scientific program (France), as well as policy, technical assistance, communications and development projects of national public health institutes (U.S.). 

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Main Office at Santé publique France

Dr. Anne-Catherine Viso

Secretary General, IANPHI
Deputy Director, Science and International Office, Santé publique France

Dr. Anne-Catherine Viso has a PhD in Toxicology and a Master's degree in Technology and Innovation Management. Currently, she is deputy to the director of the Science and International Office at Santé publique France, the French public health agency. Since October 2006, she has been in charge of European affairs. From August 2003 to 2006, Viso was responsible for European and international collaboration at the French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety. Prior to that, from 1993-2003, she worked for a French private company in charge of European projects related to water quality.

Anne-Catherine Viso

Juliette Fugier

Program Manager, IANPHI Main Office, Santé publique France

Juliette Fugier has a Bachelor’s degree in Public and International Law and a Master's degree in International Cooperation. Currently she works for the main office of the IANPHI Secretariat at Santé publique France, the French public health agency, as a program manager. Before joining Santé publique France, she worked for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service department of the French Embassy in Nicaragua and as a strategic operation analyst for a health private sector company, where she was in charge of the patient support program.

Juliette Fugier

Louise Rigal

Project Manager, IANPHI Main Office, Santé publique France

Louise Rigal currently works as a project manager for IANPHI’s main office at Santé publique France, the French public health agency. She developed a specialization in economic cooperation, international development and Latin America, through work experience in the economic affairs of the French Embassy in Bolivia, and in a French NGO promoting fair trade and education. She also studied in Colombia and worked for the French Consulate in Seville, Spain. She recently achieved a Master’s degree in International Relations at the University of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Louise Rigal

Camilla J. Davila

Project Coordinator, IANPHI Main Office, Santé publique France

Camilla J. Davila currently works as the project coordinator for IANPHI's main office at Santé publique France, the French public health agency. Previously, she worked for Crisis Action, Action Against Hunger, and the World Food Programme on policy and advocacy projects spanning protection of civilians, gender-based violence, and healthcare access in armed conflicts. Her interests lie in strategic communications, epidemic preparedness, LGBTQ+ rights, and sexual and reproductive health. She is a member of the Gender-based Violence Area of Responsibility led by UNFPA. Camilla received her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science & Policy at the University of Pennsylvania in 2017 and earned a double Master's degree in Global Health from Sciences Po Paris and International Relations & Public Management from the University of Tokyo in 2021.

Camilla J. Davila

Liza Thadani

Project Assistant, IANPHI Main Office, Santé publique France

Liza Thadani currently works for the IANPHI Secretariat at Santé publique France as project assistant. She graduated with a double Master’s degree in International Law and Politics at Bordeaux Schools of Politics (France) and Sherbrooke’s University (Canada), and she aims at pursuing her involvement in international cooperation. She has a particular interest in women's rights and Middle Eastern countries. Her previous experience in the advocacy team of Doctors of the World Canada rose her awareness regarding human rights and health issues. Now, she works on strengthening public health systems at the global level. 

Liza Thadani

Jessica Borges

Apprentice, IANPHI Main Office, Santé publique France

Jessica Borges has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Prevention, Arbitration and Conflict Resolution at Hautes Études Internationales et Politiques (HEIP), in partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), while working as an apprentice for the IANPHI Secretariat hosted by Santé publique France, the French public health agency. She studied International Relations in Madrid for a year with the Erasmus+ program, and then moved to England for a gap year. She speaks four languages and is interested in multilateralism and diplomacy.

Jessica Borges

U.S. Office at Emory University

Dr. Jeffrey P. Koplan

Co-Founder and Past President, IANPHI
Emeritus Executive Board Member, IANPHI
Principal Investigator, IANPHI-U.S. CDC Cooperative Agreement, IANPHI

Dr. Jeffrey P. Koplan is principal investigator of the IANPHI-U.S. CDC cooperative agreement, co-founder and past president of IANPHI. He is also senior strategic advisor for CHAMPS and principal investigator the Global Health Institute-China Tobacco Control Partnership. Dr. Koplan founded the Emory Global Health Institute (EGHI) in 2006. He served as the institute's director and as Emory University's vice president for Global Health until 2021.

A former director (1998-2002) and 26-year veteran of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr. Koplan began his public health career in the early 1970s as a member of the CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service. He has worked on virtually every major public health issue, including infectious diseases such as smallpox and HIV/AIDS, environmental issues such as the Bhopal chemical disaster, and the health toll of tobacco and chronic diseases around the globe. From 1994 to 1998, he pursued his interest in enhancing the interactions between clinical medicine and public health by leading the Prudential Center for Health Care Research, a nationally recognized health services research organization.

He has extensive international experience including assignments in Bangladesh and Trinidad and Tobago, and extensive work experience in many countries including China, India, Guatemala, and Hungary. He has worked in collaborative relationships with Chinese health officials since his first visit to China in 1980, as leader of the US-PRC Public Health – Health Services Research Team. His work has included US-PRC bilateral projects, World Bank missions and World Health Organization consultations. He is an honorary professor of the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine and honorary advisor 001 of the Chinese CDC. He chairs the visiting committee to the Harvard School of Public Health, the Advisory Committee to the CDC of Nigeria and the Population Health ERG panel of the Wellcome Trust. He serves as a member of the Independent Monitoring Board for Polio Eradication (WHO and partners).

Dr. Koplan is a graduate of Yale College, the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, and the Harvard School of Public Health. He is a master of the American College of Physicians and a member of the U.S. Institute of Medicine. He has served on many advisory groups and consultancies in the U.S. and overseas, and has had several international academic appointments. He has written more than 220 scientific papers. He is a trustee of the China Medical Board, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Marcus Foundation, and a former trustee of Yale University.

Ellen Whitney

Director, IANPHI U.S. Office, Emory University Global Health Institute

Ellen Whitney joined IANPHI in 2015 as the director of Programs. She previously served as the director of Research Projects for the Center for Public Health Preparedness and Research at Rollins School of Public Health and the associate director of the Emory Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Center. Her research focused on strengthening public health systems as well as epidemiology and surveillance for emerging infectious diseases. As an epidemiologist with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Infectious Diseases, Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases, Meningitis and Special Pathogens, she participated in the 2001 anthrax investigation and the one year follow-up of the anthrax survivors, as well as the 2003 monkeypox outbreak. Her past experience in BSL3 laboratories at Emory University on Tuberculosis and atypical mycobacteria lead to her work on Buruli ulcer disease. She has served as a consultant for the World Health Organization on Buruli ulcer disease. Her interests include public health systems, surveillance, epidemiology, emerging infectious diseases, zoonotic diseases, atypical mycobacteria, and public health preparedness. She received her Masters in Public Health in epidemiology from the Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University.

Ellen Whitney

Katy Seib

Director of Programs, IANPHI U.S. Office, Emory University Global Health Institute

Katy Seib joined IANPHI in 2015 and serves as director of Programs. She has worked at Emory University since 2010 in both the School of Medicine and the Rollins School of Public Health. She has managed and implemented research projects and technical work in collaboration with U.S. CDC, BMGF, AIM, IAIM, GPEI, WHO, UNICEF, TFGH and multiple partners at universities and state health departments. Her research, policy and technical experience spans vaccine effectiveness and uptake, health communications, emergency preparedness, and reducing health disparities through improving health infrastructures and disease elimination programs. She earned a Master of Science in Public Health in Epidemiology from Emory Rollins School of Public Health.

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katy seib

Andisheh Nouraee

Director of Communications, IANPHI U.S. Office, Emory University Global Health Institute

Andisheh Nouraee directs external communications for IANPHI, the Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance network, CHAMPS, and the Emory Global Health Institute in Atlanta. Prior to joining IANPHI, Nouraee directed digital engagement for CARE USA, overseeing social media fundraising and online advocacy. He co-wrote and supervised production of the virtual reality film “Women On The Move,” an official selection of the 2017 SXSW Film Festival. He is the co-author and illustrator of “Americapedia: Taking The Dumb Out of Freedom,” a civics book for young adults.

Muna Ainashe

Senior Financial Analyst, IANPHI U.S. Office, Emory University Global Health Institute

Muna Ainashe joined IANPHI in 2020 as a senior financial analyst to help oversee reporting, contracting, wire transfers, financial management, and forecasting for the countries the IANPHI U.S. Office supports through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Prior to joining IANPHI, she was a finance and grants manager at CARE, where she developed the financial and grants management system for the Gender and Empowerment and Innovation teams and she has extensive global health finance experience. Muna earned her MBA from United States International University-Africa and is fluent in English, Somali and Swahili.

muna ainashe

Amandine Ballart

Assistant Director of Programs, IANPHI U.S. Office, Emory University Global Health Institute

Amandine Ballart is IANPHI’s assistant director of programs. She previously served as department administrator for Emory’s Department of French and Italian. She has a strong background in finance and management and earned her Master’s in Finance from the University of Lille I, France. Out of growing awareness and commitment to contributing to community health initiatives, Amandine redirected her career path and graduated in August 2020 from the Rollins School of Public Health with an Executive Master of Public Health. In her current position with IANPHI, she assists in directing the strategic planning, development, and implementation of programs and manages projects in the IANPHI Africa Regional Network. She is fluent in English and French.

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amandine ballart

Marie Deveaux

Communications Manager, IANPHI U.S. Office, Emory University Global Health Institute

Marie Deveaux is IANPHI's communications manager, in charge of external communications and supporting members on communications best practices. Prior to joining IANPHI, Marie was a communications consultant, served as a communications manager for the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) in Paris, and worked as a diplomatic attaché for the Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations in Vienna, Austria. She earned her Master’s degree in International Law and International Relations from the University of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne. She is fluent in English and French.

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marie deveaux

Dr. Sue Binder

Senior Advisor for Public Health Practice, IANPHI U.S. Office, Emory University Global Health Institute

Dr. Sue Binder serves as IANPHI’s senior advisor for public health practice. Dr. Binder served 20 years at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in positions in environmental health, infectious diseases, and injury prevention and control. Dr. Binder has received numerous awards, including CDC’s highest honor, the William C. Watson Medal of Excellence; the Arthur S. Fleming Award for Management; and awards from the American Public Health Association and other CDC partner organizations. Dr. Binder has published extensively in the scientific literature and is on the faculty of Emory University School of Public Health.

Sue Binder

Dr. Claude Millogo

Consultant in Public Health for IANPHI, Burkina Faso

Dr. Claude Millogo has been with IANPHI since June 2018, working with the Ministry of Health Burkina Faso, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other partners to support Burkina Faso's newly established Institut National de Santé Publique. She has worked for over 20 years for the U.S. Government in Burkina Faso in the field of public health. Her most recent position was as Associate Peace Corps Director for public health. She also worked with UNICEF and in the Health, Population, and Nutrition office of USAID. Trained as a physician, she earned her public health diploma from the University of Nancy, France. She has received a national recognition from the Government of Burkina Faso for her public service toward the well-being of women.

Claude Millogo

Binta Baldé

Consultant in Public Health for IANPHI, Guinea

Binta Baldé has extensive experience in strengthening health systems in Africa, particularly in Guinea. She worked with Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs in its USAID-funded social and behavioral change project as deputy director. Through this project, she accompanied EPI in: (i) the implementation of the communication strategy, (ii) the development of communication strategies for mass medical campaigns, (iii) the implementation of trainings for journalists on the different communication strategies, and (iv) the coordination of the activities of the different actors. She then worked with Georgetown University Center for Global Health Science & Security, managing the Guinea Laboratory System Capacity Building Project under U.S. CDC funding. She holds a Master's degree in Management Control and Performance Management from the École Supérieur de Commerce de Brest in partnership with HEC Montréal, and has also worked with organizations and large private institutions, including major international banks.

Binta Baldé

Katy Krupinsky

Practicum Student, IANPHI U.S. Office, Emory University Global Health Institute

Katy Krupinsky is a second year graduate student at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health where she is pursuing her Master of Public Health in Epidemiology. She graduated from Colorado State University in 2020 with her Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. She loves to travel to new places and is passionate about improving cross-border collaboration to combat major public health incidents. She is especially interested in the use of mechanistic mathematical models in public health practice and disease surveillance, as well as improving capabilities for national public health institutes to have strong public health education programs and overall capabilities for workforce development.

Katy Krupinsky

Pooja Parikh

Graduate Research Assistant, IANPHI U.S. Office, Emory University Global Health Institute

Pooja Parikh is a second-year Master of Public Health Candidate at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health and currently works as graduate research assistant for IANPHI. Pooja graduated from the University of Oklahoma in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with a focus on pre-medicine. Her research interest lies primarily in maternal and child health on a global scale.

Pooja Parikh