IANPHI Supports Cameroon Ebola Outbreak Training

With more than 2,000 cases now reported in four West African countries, the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak continues to challenge public health institutes throughout the region.

In August 2014, in response to this challenging outbreak, IANPHI approved a strategic investment to support Cameroon’s Department of Disease Control (DLMEP) through a “train-the-trainer” workshop for national-level staff, on response to and management of a potential Ebola outbreak.

The DLMEP, which has been designated by the Cameroon Ministry of Health as the focal point and “data central” for the country’s disease surveillance and outbreak response, has the leadership role in coordinating the work of the other relevant public health programs in Cameroon, including for Ebola outbreak preparedness.

Once trainers are available, IANPHI’s support will fund training for district-level health officers in each of Cameroon's ten regions.

Additionally, IANPHI’s funding is supporting development of and staff training for a DLMEP Emergency Operations and Data Center (EODC), and bolstering DLMEP’s overall outbreak response capacity.

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