Somalia-Norway Partnership and Study Tour

This month, with support from IANPHI, Norway’s National Public Health Institute (NIPH) hosted a delegation from the Somalia National Institute of Health (NIH) for a study tour, with the objective of learning the history, health functions and roles, and leadership structure of a well-established institute.

The Somalia NIH team included Dr. Mohamed Farah, acting director of the institute, Mr. Abdifatah Ahmed, acting deputy director, and Mr. Salad Ali, acting senior management. In addition to meetings regarding the historical and current roles of NIPH, the tour included visits to NIPH’s research laboratories (with a focus on TB safety regulations), strategic planning discussions, and a presentation on the current US priorities in global health security.

IANPHI is proud to support this ongoing peer-to-peer partnership. IANPHI is committed to strengthening NPHIs and building their capacities to serve their countries by providing essential public health functions. One model for this work, through which many of IANPHI’s members have achieved measurable goals, is peer-to-peer partnerships.

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