China CDC Director Yu Wang to Chair the IANPHI-Asia Network

Representing the world's largest regional population on the largest continent, public health institutes in Asia are faced with a unique set of needs. Eight vanguard member institutes unanimously agreed that there should to be a public health network to address these needs. From these discussions, the IANPHI-Asia Network was birthed.

Akin to the IANPHI-Africa Network, the IANPHI-Asia Network will foster collaboration, integration, and cooperation among Asian National Public Health Institutes (NPHIs). This network will be chaired by Yu Wang, director of the China Center for Disease Control. Under his leadership, IANPHI-Asia will facilitate coordination and interaction among new and existing institutes across the continent.

“We recognize our weaknesses and our advantages, so we need to grow together in this public health fight,” said Tsogtbaatar Byambaa, director of the Public Health Institute of Mongolia and vice chair of IANPHI-Asia.

The IANPHI-Asia network will operate and communicate regularly in cyber format – email, Skype, Facebook — and hold its first official meeting as a network in advance of the 2017 IANPHI Annual Meeting in Rome, Italy.

IANPHI is pleased to announce the founding members of the IANPHI-Asia Network:

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