Global Health Leaders Meet in Rome to Discuss Framing the Future of Public Health

IANPHI member National Public Health Institutes (NPHI) from all over the world met in Rome, Italy to exchange concepts and perspectives on ways to improve global health.

IANPHI meeting

The discussion took place during the 2017 IANPHI Annual Meeting with more than 100 IANPHI members, partners and representatives from the Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance Network (CHAMPS), the Africa Centers for Disease Control, European Center for Disease Prevention and ControlUS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and many more global health leaders from around the world. The Istituto Superiore di Sanita (ISS), the Italian national institute of health, hosted the four-day meeting.

Developing future public health leaders

The meeting commenced with a session of the IANPHI Leadership Academy. Facilitated by Sue Binder, senior advisor for public health practice, the mission of this leadership training is to foster excellence and best practices in leadership through experiential learning. 19 IANPHI-African NPHI directors or technical leads participated.

IANPHI meeting

Shaping the future of public health through NPHIs

Preventing, detecting, and responding to diseases and other public health threats are more important now more than ever before, and National Public Health Institutes, or NPHIs, play a critical role in each of these tasks. The meeting was a great opportunity for NPHIs to share experiences, to learn, and to teach each other the best practices possible to express this responsibility.

IANPHI's second decade

Last year, IANPHI celebrated 10 years of connecting, creating and transforming NPHIs and is moving into its next decade with the experience and momentum needed to help more countries address - sustainably and over the long term - the evolving public health challenges of today and the future. “We cannot predict when the next pandemic will emerge or where”, said IANPHI President Mauricio Hernández-Ávila. “But we are certain that the scientists and the public health workforce of our Institutes will be on the front line of defense.”

The General Assembly named Ebba Abate, director of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute in Ethiopia, Tsogtbaatar Byambaa, director of the National Center for Public Health in Mongolia, and Lothar Wieler, director of the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, as its newest Executive Board members and Andre N. van der Zande, director of the Netherland's National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, as vice president and welcomed the National Institute of Public Health of Tunisia as a full member and Punjab Public Health Agency as an associate member.

The 2018 IANPHI Annual Meeting will take place in London, home to next year’s host and EB member Duncan Selbie the director of Public Health England.

IANPHI co-founders

Presentations from 2017 Annual Meeting

African Public Health Network

Dr. Amha Kebede, Consultant, ASLM

ECDC Work with the NPHI

Dr. Andrea Ammon, Director, CDC

Air Quality Monitoring in Albania 

Dr. Elida Mataj, Albania

Independent National Public Health Institutes

Bjorn Iverson, Norwegian Institute of Public Health 

CHAMPS and Data-to-Action: Mozambique Experience

Eduardo Samo Gudo, INS Mozambique

CHAMPS and Capacity Building at the National Level

Dr. Meerjady Sabrina Flora, Director, IEDCR   

Physical Activity: The Golden Thread to Weave Across Policy

Dr. Justin Verney, National Lead for Adult Health and Wellbeing, PHE 

IANPHI and the WHO Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 

Dr. Justin Verney

Responding to Terrorist Attacks: The Role & Experience of the French National Agency of Public Health 

Jean-Claude Desenclos, Secretary-General, The French National Agency of Public Health

G20 Germany 2017

Lothar H. Weiler, Robert Koch Institute

NPHIs and Linkages with the Global Health Security Agenda

Nancy Knight, Director, Division of Global Health Protection Center for Global Health

Role of Minimal Invasive Tissue Sampling in Using Data for Action

Natalie Mayet, Deputy Director, NICD

Nutri-Score, French Front-of-Pack Labeling and the Role of Sante Publique France

Mili Spahic, Chief of Staff, The French Public Health Agency

Influencing on Air Policy: A PHE Perspective Through Three Documents

Paul Cosford, PHE

The role of strengthened cooperation between institutions as a mechanism to tackle formidable healthy system challenges

Walter Riccardi, Istituto Superiore di Sanita

Roles of NPHIs in Policy Support and Behavior Change for Health Improvement

Stefano Vella, Istituto Superiore di Sanita

Sierra Leone NPHA: CHAMPS

Dr. TT Samba, Technical Lead, Sierra Leone NPHA

Meaning of Independence of NPHIs

Tolbert Nyenswah, Director, NPHIL

Legal Model

Rand Salman, Director, Palestinian National Institute of Public Health

Public Health in Wales

Quentin Sandifer, Public Health Wales

Physical Activities in Diabetic Patients at INSP Abidjan

Koussard Dinard, Director General, INSP

PHE's Role and Experience in the Public Health Response to Terrorist Attacks

Paul Cosford, PHE

Peer Review Session

Mauricio Hernandez, Director, IANPHI

CHAMPS Overview

Dr. Jeffrey Koplan, President, EGHI

Investigation on the Health Impact in Population of Marinez Village

Dr. Elida Mataj

Air Quality Situational Analysis Pakistan

Professor Aamer Ikram, Director, NIH

National CDC

Hani Jokhdar, Deputy Ministry, Saudi Arabia Centers for Disease Control

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