IANPHI Visits Colombia INS’s Anti-Venom Facility

Along with its work to stop emerging and infectious diseases, Colombia’s national health institute, Instituto Nacional de Salud, a member of IANPHI, is working to protect the Colombian public from venomous snakes by producing enough high-quality anti-venom to protect the entire country.

IANPHI toured the INS's anti-venom facility with its technical production manager, Dr. Nestor F. Mondragon, who shared an overview of their anti-venom production process.

Poisonous snakes are a major public health risk in Colombia and around the world. Up to 138,000 are believed to die globally every year from venomous snake bites. Children and agriculture workers are most affected, and for every person who dies, many more suffer severe pain, disability and limb amputation

INS follows the World Health Organization's guidelines on animal welfare at its facilities. For more information, please visit the WHO website.

English and Spanish subtitles are available for this video.

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