IANPHI Africa Webinar: Innovative approaches to public health emergency response and policy decisions

Moderated by Alex Riolexus Ario, Chair of the IANPHI Africa Network, the September 6, 2023 webinar introduced the Data to Policy program, or D2P, for improving public health data collection and the 7-1-7 framework for enhancing disease outbreak response. The session offered presentations of panelists from CDC Foundation, the National Institute for Communicable diseases in South Africa and Resolve to Save Lives. 

Data to Policy, or D2P, aims to enhance public health data collection in low and middle-income countries, focusing on cancer registries, vital statistics, and innovative survey methods for noncommunicable diseases. Coordinated by Vital Strategies and CDC Foundation, D2P bridges the gap between policymakers and public health professionals through intensive training. This program has made a significant impact, operating in 20 countries, training 93 mentors, and developing 167 policies, shaping health policy in Africa.

In South Africa, D2P transformed public health professionals by equipping them with tools to leverage public health data for policy development. Participants created policy briefs on critical topics such as neglected tropical diseases, cancer, and communicable diseases, which have been adopted for implementation. This underscores the program's influence on evidence-based policy development within South Africa's public health sector.

The webinar also explored the 7-1-7 framework, designed to enhance early disease outbreak detection and response. It emphasizes rapid disease detection within seven days of emergence, timely notification to public health authorities, and tailored early response actions within another seven days. Identifying bottlenecks and enablers is crucial for successful implementation. The 7-1-7 framework's practical application during the 2022 Ebola Sudan virus outbreak in Uganda showcased its effectiveness in disease outbreak preparedness and response, ultimately improving public health outcomes.


  • Andrew Ancharski, Epidemiology and Health Policy Trainer, CDC Foundation
  • Ruvimbo Chingonzoh, Field Epidemiologist, National Institute for Communicable diseases in South Africa
  • Mohammed Lamorde, Project Director for 7-1-7 Alliance, Resolve to Save Lives

Moderated by 

  • Alex Riolexus Ario, Director, Uganda National Public Health Institute

Presentation of Mohammed Lamorde

Presentation of Andrew Ancharski and Ruvimbo Chingonzoh

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